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Endorsement #2 - The Prior Work Exclusion

At face value, prior work exclusions do not always concern contactors.  The rationale is, why should they buy coverage for prior work when they already had policies during the time that work was completed?   To understand why this endorsement is dangerous, you must first understand coverage triggers.  Most general liability policies for contractors are written on an Occurrence form, meaning that coverage is based upon when the loss occurs.  Most often a loss is considered to have “occurred” when a project is completed, but not always.  It depends on the type of loss and the coverage trigger wording in your general liability insurance policy. 

Many occurrences happen years after a project is completed, especially construction defect losses.  Because of this, a contractor with a Prior Work Exclusion may think he is covered, but most likely is not.  According to one major carrier in California, this is the number one reason that claims are denied in their contractor’s general liability program. 

The experts at Red Hot can analyze your policy and identify prior work exclusions as well as many other exclusions and limitations that you should be aware of.  Our goal is to give you the tools to make the right decisions about your insurance.  For more information, please contact Tarah Gruber at 888-269-0992 or

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