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Special Considerations for Plumbers Insurance

Plumbing contractors have a special set of concerns when it comes to safety and protecting themselves with the right insurance.  Plumbers face increased liability due to fire and water damage hazards and increased risk of loss or theft of copper pipe, tools and equipment.  If you’re a plumber take a few minutes and read about some things you should be aware when reviewing your insurance policies.

General Liability
Water damage claims are one of the most common claims filed on contractors general liability policies.  Naturally, this makes plumbers a prime target for general liability losses. Whether the loss arises from a slow leak or a burst pipe, water damage losses can be costly.  Because of this, plumbers should beware of water damage exclusions in their general liability policies.  These endorsements can limit or exclude coverage for any loss related to water damage. 

Plumbers also face increased fire hazards due to the use of torches.  Plumbers should review their policies for any endorsements that exclude coverage for losses arising out of the use of heating devices.  Many policies carry these endorsements and they can often be removed for little or no additional premium.  

Finally, plumbers should be aware of Class Limitations and Designated Work Exclusions.  Class limitations restrict coverage to the class code description defined by the insurance company.  These class codes often preclude coverage for residential operations.  A Designated Work Exclusion might limit a certain aspect of a plumbers work i.e. Fire Sprinkler Installation. 

Equipment / Inland Marine
Plumbers typically carry around a lot of valuable equipment and inventory.  Because of this, plumbing contractors are often the victims of theft.  With copper pipes, bathroom fixtures and tools a robbery can be financially devastating to a plumbing business.  Many Equipment and Inland Marine policies have a higher deductible for losses resulting from theft.  Plumbers should check before buying their policy if there are any additional theft deductibles. 

The experts at Red Hot can evaluate your Equipment and General Liability policies to make sure you are covered properly.  We offer instant online quoting for Plumbers General Liability and policies can be issued within an hour.  In addition, we can help you with your Payroll Services, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto and Bonds.  For more information contact Tarah Gruber at 888-269-0992 or

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